Are you tired of the onslaught of negative images that inundate us every year
around this time?

Why not make it a fright-free Hallowe'en this year????

in your neighbourhood /school

For the last 2 years on a residential street in mid-town Toronto we organized a
Fright-Free Hallowe'en event called

Child-Friendly Hallowe'en:

If any of the following information ( and your artwork....) is helpful you can download it and tailor it for your own events. We only ask that you consider making a small donation towards the work we're doing to decrease the level of violence via violent images. Thank You!

Plan of Action:

1. Starting late spring approach your local Community Association or Business Association to propose the idea of a child-friendly Hallowe'en (John do we have the letter I presented to the Community......) Have all your reasons prepared. Ask for financial support
Draw up and present a proposed budget for flyers and advertising in the local papers, musicians and games, possibly refreshments.
2. Drum up support from your local schools, trustees, city councillors, Members of Parliament.and local police division. Ask for their moral support. Those who agree get their name added to the back of the flyer, under “supported by...”
3. Street closure might be considered. Apply through city hall for a permit and expect long time-lines to follow – possibly 2 months before the event. If your local city councillor is on board, they could expedite some of that for you or point you in the right direction.
4. Approach your local schools and universities for help. The Engineering department at Univ. of Toronto actually was soliciting projects for their students to work on and they were most helpful in and out of the programme. They even helped us raise funds for the event by selling ads for our flyer.
5. Raising money. Walk around your local area with your proposed flyer and tell them how many flyers you're going to hand out and that you only have 10 spots on the back- would they like to buy one ($75. for larger, $50 for smaller versions). Store owners are often anxious to support local initiatives and help your cause.
6. Get your neighbours involved – get their opinions on whether you should close the street, and ask for their help physically on the evening of as well as financially. Many hands make light work. Get teens to volunteer to run games for you, ask budding local musicians to donate some time.
7. Contact us to make presentation to your local school or parents-teacher association.

Click here for the Fright Free Brochure from 2012


As a parent or caregiver: suggest non-violent costumes for your kids

- look for good role models to copy for costume ideas.
- how about being a vegetable?
- dig out those stored away old fashioned clothes.
- Salvation Army stores can be a great source of inspiration (no pun intended).
Resist the cheap thrills of the store-bought costumes with goulish masks.

As a consumer: when you see exaggerated gory store displays, go to store management and tell them it's offensive, in poor taste and that it scares kids.

As a teacher: talk to your children about Hallowe'en, discuss going non-violent, how scary is not funny, it's just violent – it shakes up your whole nervous system and you don't sleep too well later.

As a community member: talk it up with others in your community – your church, your shul, your mosque, your community centre. If your group is already fright- free discuss how you might pass it on. Some neighbourhoods have “scariest lawn” competitions. Start discussing what message this gives to kids.

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